Monday, June 27, 2011

STFU Tea Party Bigots (That Means You, Ms. Bachman)

I love this - I don't know who made it originally, but I found it on one of my favorite blogs, STFU Conservatives.


  1. I think it's excellent the way you are completing putting your views (and yourself) out there with this blog, Jen. As women, we're often conditioned to keep strong political and social views (particularly ones about marriage and children) silent. lest we be seen outside the norms of femininity and demureness. Good feminist. :)

  2. that poster says it all. I just wonder when that list decides enough is enough.

  3. Sorry to be so cynical, but the people on the poster will never decide anything. The upper echelons of each group will hold onto their power thru any means possible. The middle class in each is ducking and cowering in the hopes they can weather the "current storm" (instead of admitting it's permanent and they're/we're already screwed). And the lower classes won't do anything as long as they have Bread and Circuses --e.g. indignant teabaggers filling their heads with disinformation about the "hope" Obama has failed to deliver, American Idol and NFL football to watch, and unlimited iPhone Apps to occupy themselves with.