Monday, May 30, 2011

Clarification is Sometimes Necessary

So my husband pointed out that I needed to clarify that I sometimes refer to myself as a "bad feminist" in the Michael Jackson/80s sense - I'm so good, I'm bad :)

It's no secret that I really struggle with society's expectations - women should do this, women should do that - but I also have to remember that my feminism roots are what give me the freedom to choose my own path.

I shall now go listen to some MJ...


  1. I had to say it. Your husband pointed out that you should clarify....and you did. Did you just unwittingly cave into society's expectations? :) Sorry Jen, I couldn't resist the urge to cultivate my inner smart ass. Seriously though, you are 80's bad.

  2. I love your relation to "in the Michael Jackson/80's sense." Bad is the perfect anthem!