Friday, May 20, 2011

Women in the Special Forces

File-Lara_Croft_film.jpgAnna Holmes, a regular (and bad-ass) contributor to feminist blog Jezebel, wrote an amazing op-ed in the Washington Post today.  She argues that women should be allowed to participate in the Special Forces, despite the historical ban on women in combat.  Our society celebrates female action heroes, so long as they're hyper-sexualized (see: Lara Croft), yet we maintain a certain level of squeamishness when it comes to women fighting in reality.  Holmes points out that women are not asking for special treatment, but simply the opportunity to train and  to be part of these elite groups.  There is no call for some sort of affirmative action, just equal opportunity.

Here's the article - a fantastic example of feminism at work.

Joining the Ranks

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